Mark Nagy

Just Nagy
Brentwood, MO
June 7, 1974

Category 2 Road
Expert MTB


Specialized ES Tarmac

MTB and Road
Start Racing:
1998 and 2001

What is your best result to date?
1st GC Cat. 3 Velotek Grand Prix Stage Race 2004
How many hours do you train per week?
What is your favorite race course?
Long Rolling and Fast
What is your favorite place to ride for fun?
Uncrowded Roads and Rolling
How much do you train on the road?
95% - 100%
Do you cross train or use weights?
Yes; cross train only during off season
Do you use supplements or sport drinks?
If so, what kind?
Endurox, Accelerade, Cliff / Luna Bars
Other than training, how do you prepare for a race?
Sleep and eat.
What are your strong points when racing?

Forming and getting into breakaways

What aspect of racing is the most fun to you?
When teamwork succeeds and pushing myself to do better.
What has been your greatest moment on your bike?

20+ mile solo breakaway in Velotek RR only to be caught but then reforming a break, winning the race, and the GC as a result.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Ride as much as you feel like riding and keep doing it only if it is still fun.

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