In 1994, a young businessman from St. Louis was riding his mountain bike along the cliffs of the mighty Mississippi river. As fate would have it, at exactly the wrong moment the young businessman had a blowout which causes him to tumble down the cliff and into the river. As the current starts to sweep him away, he is suddenly rescued by a school of Dogfish. They drag him to shore and revive him.

The young businessman is so happy that he vows to appreciate it every day and to pay the Dogfish back for helping him. They explain to him that their life is full of play, enjoying every moment, living life to its fullest. The young businessman tells them that he will tell their story to the world. They remind him that if they become famous, they will no longer be able to play every day, so the young businessman decides to spread the word about playing and enjoying life, keeping the myth of the Dogfish alive.

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